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Professional Recording Studio Services in Louisville, KY

Welcome to Al Fresco’s Place Recording Studio.

Al Fresco’s Place is a 24-track digital recording studio. The facility is centered around iZ Techonology’s RADAR 24, a world class recording system used by a long list of major acts, including Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Death Cab for Cutie, U2 and Lucinda WIlliams.

RADAR 24 not only brings the warmth of analog to the digital domain but is wonderfully easy to use and artist-oriented.

Al Fresco’s Place is owned and operated by Jeff Carpenter. Over 30 years, we have recorded everything from orchestras to independent film soundtracks. Some musicians we have worked with are Tim Krekel, Bodeco, Hambone, Robbie Bartlett, Tyrone Cotton, Leigh Ann Yost, Pure Prairie League, John Hartford and guitar great Jimmy Rainey.

The philosophy of Al Fresco’s Place is that the artist should have the sound, not the studio. We believe our job is to be transparent to reflect your true identity in the music.

We offer great pricing for multi-track recording, and reduced pricing for live in studio production.

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“Carpenter has Motown ears. You can’t just call him a sound engineer, because he helps you produce records. He doesn’t assert himself in the process, except he offers really good advice in the guise of suggestions.”

Nick Stump, Metropolitan

"The main appeal of the studio is Jeff himself. He's so easygoing and real generous."

Tim Krekel, musician/songwriter/producer

". . . whatever magic is in Carpenter's place just infuses the work that is made there with a certain vibe, just as whiskey soaks up the sugars and color of the wood of the barrel it gets placed in after it ferments. And, oh, how sweet it can taste."

Tim Roberts, Louisville Music News critic

Our studio, your sound.

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