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RADAR V Nyquist

The RADAR V Nyquist has a warm, full sound with its 96 kHz converters, its ultra-low jitter clock, and outstanding sync capabilities. RADAR V’s reliability and ease of use will reduce studio downtime and learning-curve, letting clients focus on producing and recording great music.The RADAR V Nyquist is a 24 channel digital recording and playback system powered by the Adrenaline Plus recording engine. It features 24 channels of Nyquist 96 kHz analogue I/O and dual-disk recording in BWAV format for instant backup and DAW compatibility. RADAR V Nyquist is capable of up to 192 kHz sample rates at reduced track counts.

Each RADAR V system comes complete with a 24 channel Meterbridge and a robust, professional Session Controller with jog wheel. The VGA output provides a GUI displaying 24 meters, SMPTE counter, edit & locate markers, waveforms, project settings and system status.
RADAR V systems are the most sophisticated line of digital multi-track recorders on the market. Designed and manufactured with proprietary iZ Technology hardware and software, these professional-grade units are fully configured to harness the power of digital while expressing the soul and warmth of tape.

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